Maintenance of your exteriors

The greenery is good, it’s healthy, but it’s also an important part of work and knowledge … To avoid any overflow, it is necessary to regularly maintain this vegetation by controlling and guiding it.

Waste disposal

Waste disposal remains our responsibility which relieves you of the eternal trips to the rubbish .

However, in an eco-responsible way , we are thinking about setting up the grinding of plants on site in order to revalorise this waste in your beds (reduction of waste, inputs of nutrients for your plants .)


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DIY Backyard design ideas


Our backyards are an integral part of our houses and one of the reasons that make us call our houses home. A relaxing space that awaits you after a stressful day of work is a dream that many of us cherish.

Hiring a garden designer for designing our backyard is not something every one of us can do. Hence here are a few design ideas that can transform your yard into a tranquil place of beauty.

Garden bridge

  • Colourful stepping stones: If you have old bricks or broken bricks/tiles lying around the house it can be a perfect stone that can add colour to the garden. Painting these broken tiles adds a rustic feel to the whole garden.
  • Creating tables: Have old dustbins that you need to get rid of? Worry not for you can use these as legs on which a table top can be set up. Invert these dustbins and use an old door as the top of the table. The two can be held together by using adhesives like m-seal.
  • Decorating the dump shed: Almost all of us have an old shed in our gardens that we use to dump our old furniture, tools, etc. This can now be transformed into a gorgeous tea place be lining the walls with wallpaper, using a rug over the old floor and give it a makeover by applying a dab of paint over the old shed. The new shed can now be used as a tea place; a place where the whole family can relax.


  • Outdoor lounge: Almost everybody wants to enjoy on a peaceful night the beauty of the outdoors. Now, this is possible by using old curtains and wooden logs. The wooden logs are to be stood upright on the ground by digging a few feet. 4 of these logs can be kept perpendicular to each other and covered with these old curtains. The final piece of cloth can be hung overhead for a cozy ambience.
  • LED lighting: LED strips are now available to pick up at any hardware store. You can use this strip to light your garden to give the ambience of an adventure.
  • Hang lights: One can easily hang lights on a pole by cementing poles on to the ground. After hanging the bulbs try to cover it with old beer bottles lying around. This will give it a glow that is outstanding to look at.
  • Using old cycles: Have an old cycle lying around? Well, this might be the perfect time to utilise the piece of junk. Cycles can be used for letting creepers like money plant grow on it. This gives it a unique look that cannot be rivalled.

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